What to Translate & How!

Many thanks for volunteering to help translate the Khan Academy math video-clips into Malay subtitles!   

Our goal (as of Dec 2011) is to complete as much as possible so that our fellow Malaysians (i.e. students) can use the Malay-subtitled KA content for the coming school year.   The Teach for Malaysia team (http://www.teachformalaysia.org/) is eager to use the Malay-subtitled KA content whenever it’s available.

Please feel free to spread the word.  The more the better, especially for those who have free time during the holiday season.  

What to Translate

Here’s a Google spreadsheet of the Khan Academy math video-clips that require translation into Malay subtitles.

How to Translate

Here’s a Google doc on how to translate the selected KA video-clips into Malay.


Feedback Welcome!

Mark Lee

17 responses to “What to Translate & How!

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  2. i am interested. my contact (e-mail address redacted by admin)

  3. Hi Mark,
    My team will do the identification of the relevant clips.

  4. Hi Mark

    Count me in. I don’t know how much of the project is already underway or anything, but how should I get started?

    • Hi Satya:

      I’m grateful that fellow Malaysians are willing to help others. We will be releasing a translation guide very soon, and will contact you when it’s done. Have a great weekend!

      All the best,

  5. Hi, how exactly can we help? Are we translating already?

    • Hi Victoria:

      Thanks! We have already begun some initial translations to better understand the translation process ourselves, and will be releasing a translation guide very soon. I’ll notify you when the translation guide is done.

      Again, many thanks!

  6. Hi,

    I admire what you’re doing and would love to help! (Although I am fully in favour of teaching Science & Math in English.)

    Please let me know when it starts 😉 Cheers. Love to hear more details

    • Thanks, Chiew! Suhaimi and I both believe that our fellow Malaysians deserve the best possible education, and this is just one small opportunity to help them. We will keep everyone posted on when it’s time to start translating the selected Khan Academy content into Malay. Again, many thanks!

  7. Just to let you know that I’m willing to pitch in too 🙂 Looking forward to the guide!

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  9. Count me in too!
    Do email me when you guys have started translated okeh?

    • Ajan:

      Thanks for volunteering. We have already started translation, but am in the midst of changing our procedures to simplify the process. We’ll get in touch with you shortly. Many thanks!

  10. Hello there,

    I was wondering what are the current overall plans of simplifying the translation process and to complete the translations for all the videos in the google docs?

    I checked back to the site for the past 2 months but there wasn’t much updates. I have completed 2 video translation (albeit needs reviewing) and 2 videos are in progress to completion.

    I hope you could clarify on this matter. Please and thank you.

  11. hey I have a week of free time from school, so would be glad to do some translations for you =)

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