Creativity Surpasses Intelligence as a Predictor of Lifetime Achievement

Source: Psychology Today, Sep 2012

… the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking seems to be the best predictor of lifetime achievement that has yet been invented. It is a better predictor than IQ, high-school grades, or peer judgments of who will achieve the most.[6]

[6] See: Mark A. Runco, Garnet Millar, Selcuk Acar, & Bonnie Cramond (2010) Torrance tests of creative thinking as predictors of personal and public achievement: A fifty-year follow-up. Creativity Research Journal, 22, 361-368. Also: Kyung Hee Kim (2008). Meta-analysis of the relationship of creative achievement to both IQ and divergent thinking scores. Journal of Creative Behavior, 42, 106-130.


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