Free to Learn, Pay to Earn Credit @ Uni. of South Queensland

Source: USQ website, Oct 2012

OERu learners from across the globe will be able to participate in AST1000 for free using the infrastructure provided by the OER Foundation and the WikiEducator website. On completion of the course, OERu learners who wish to acquire formal academic credit for their learning will be able to register and submit their assignments in the form of a course portfolio for assessment at USQ. USQ will charge a nominal fee of $200 (Australian Dollars) for the assessment and credentialing services to cover these operational costs. Academic volunteers and learners who are not interested in formal certification are also most welcome to jo

in the AST1000 learning journey at no cost.

OERu learners that register for assessment and who are successful will have their credits recorded on the university transcript which can be recognised for the Bachelor of General Studies or alternatively, depending on registration preferences the Diploma of Arts which provides articulation options for a number of Bachelor Degrees at USQ. 

AST1000 is a first-year level course in International Relations and the Social Sciences on the books of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). The course will provide basic information about, and analysis of, contemporary regional relationships, current affairs and societies in Asia and the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand. Attention will be given to the personal and social skills that will facilitate better international cooperation and cross cultural communication in Asia and the Pacific.


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