Identifying Potential Leaders while They are Still Young


Source: The Creativity Post, Sep 2012

Here is our short list of the five signature characteristics that we believe are indispensable characteristics in kids that predict to later success as leaders:
1. keen problem solving ability;
2. comfort with ambiguity, stress, and anxiety;
3. skill in managing conflict, disagreement and differences of opinion among peers;
4. honesty;
5. willingness to work harmoniously with others, including kids from different backgrounds and dissimilar viewpoints; and
6. openness to experience.

<I counted six characteristics 🙂 >

We want and expect our leaders to inspire trust, be principled, get us through difficult times and situations, solve highly complex and seemingly irresolvable and hopeless crises, and keep us on a chartered path toward a better life. Courageous and brilliant leadership does not require Einstein-level creativity or IQ. But it does necessitate a person who is curious and is open to experience and different points of view before making decisions that touch the lives of very many people.



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