What’s it like to study at MIT?

Source: The Guardian, Sep 2012

If you are considering studying at the best university in the world, you’d better be prepared to work your socks off. The pace of learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been likened to “drinking from a fire-hose”.

The science and technology university, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has just been named number one university in the world in the latest QS league table.

Of course, it’s very tough to get in. In 2012, just 9% of 18,109 applicants received an offer. Exceptional students are drawn to the institute.

Take Michael Plasmeier. He built GridView, a Facebook app that let users make a photo mosaic using their friends’ pictures, when he was 15. The app had 1.3 million installs and made about $16,000 in revenue.

But even he admits that when he first came to MIT, he did “very poorly”: “MIT is like bootcamp for your brain. You are given all these hard problems and you need to figure out how to solve them.

From the Comments section


13 September 2012 1:54PM

 Honestly, this sounds not dissimilar to Oxford in the 70s, when I studied maths there.

However, one point occurs – I watched an MIT lecture on Fourier series online a week or so ago, and it was entirely superior to any lecture I ever attended at Oxford. Great blackboard skills, lucid presentation, and actually addressing the audience! Our lecturers spent most of their time with their back to us writing endlessly on the board. Like a Tridentine priest.



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