EdX To Offer Proctored Final Exam For One Course

Source: The Harvard Crimson, Sep 2012

EdX, Harvard and MIT’s joint non-profit virtual learning initiative, will offer a proctored final exam for one of its courses this fall, President of edX and MIT Professor Anant Agarwal announced Thursday morning.
Harvard and MIT have committed $30 million each to the online platform, which was announced in early May of this year and will allow students worldwide to take one of seven classes taught in an actual classroom at either Harvard, MIT, or the University of California in Berkeley.

… Now, for a currently undisclosed fee, students can choose to visit a test center to complete their final exams and, upon passing, receive a certificate indicating completion of the course with a proctored test, according to an edX press release.

He added that proctored testing will make edX certificates much more valuable because he anticipates that employers and educational institution will be more comfortable with certificates received based on proctored testing results rather than a promise to adhere to an honor code.

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HeatSpring founder Brian Hayden said he found “certification courses had a significantly higher completion rate (36 percent) than those with a certificate (18 percent) or no certificate (10 percent).

http://www.bostonmagazine.com/articles/2012/08/edx-online-classes-schools-out-forever/ (great read!)


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