Free online content for 12+ undergraduate majors, with low prices for college credit

Source: Inside Higher Ed, Aug 2012

he Saylor Foundation has nearly finished creating a full suite of free, online courses in a dozen popular undergraduate majors. …
The foundation currently has more than 240 courses up on its website. They are self-paced and automated, and designed to cover all the requirements of an undergraduate major in disciplines ranging from chemistry and computer science to art history and English literature, as well as a general education major. The course material is roughly 95 percent complete, Saylor officials said, and should be finished this fall.

Students have already started taking the classes, and can earn non-credit bearing certificates. But thanks to newly-forged agreements with Excelsior and StraighterLine, the foundation now provides an indirect route to college credit.

Excelsior is a private, nonprofit college that offers relatively inexpensive, online degree programs. The regionally-accredited college is also one of the first to have competency-based programs, where students can take Excelsior-developed examinations in a fairly broad range of subjects – earning credits without having to take classes. *The exams are worth three to six credits, and typically cost *$95.*



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