When students write that they received an A in Engish instead of English.

Source: MIT admissions blog, Oct 2011

Our favoirte applicaiton spellnig errers

The correct spelling is chemistry, not chemsitry.

History, not histry or histroy.

Subjects that start with “p” and contain “h”, “s”, and “y” seem to give a lot of people trouble – it’s physics, not pyhsicsphysiology, not phisiology, phisyology, or physyology; psychology, not psycology, pyschology, psychlogy, or physcology. We’ve seen it all…

An applicant might play a varsity sport, but not a varisty or varisity sport; she might even be the captain of the team, but not the captian.

Someone might be on the school’s robotics team, but not robotoics. Some have even served aspresidentvice-presidenttreasurer, or secretary of a club, but not presdientvice-presdienttresurer, or secretery/secertary/secratary.

Perhaps one of the funniest misspellings is when students write that they received an A in Engish instead ofEnglish.

AND MOST IMPORTANT, it’s calculus*, not claculus, calculous, calcoulus, calcoulous, caluculus, caluculs, caluculous, calculscalclus

*This goes for pre-calculus, too.


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