Salman Khan at D10 conference

Source: WSJ, Jun 2012
(watch video-clip at the source)

MR. KHAN: Our mission statement is a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. We’re most known for videos, but it isn’t just videos. It’s also interactive software, plus data feedback. Our goal is to really use data, to keep pushing the envelope of what is possible virtually.


MR. MOSSBERG: A lot of people think of virtual education as a professor standing in front of a camera and just talking. What more do you do beyond that? Do you offer some interactivity where you have to show that you’re participating?

MR. KHAN: Most of our resources are going on the interactive side. So there’s these kind of problem generators that will generate as many multiplying polynomial questions as you need until you show proficiency. It’s tracking everything, it’s logging everything. We can start to say proficiency isn’t an A, B or C. It’s, what is the probability of you being able to do this type of problem at some future date?



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