Is this young man the mental equivalent of Usain Bolt?

Source: Psychology Today, May 2012

… one example of a mental sprint is the countdown round in the MATHCOUNTS national mathematics competition program. In the countdown round, mathletesTM who have performed highly on the written portion of the competition are put to the test.

The ability to solve mathematical puzzles at breakneck speed is in many ways the mental equivalent of the 100 meter dash. It is one way to clock the mind.

Intelligence is often assessed using an IQ or standardized test. This is either given by a licensed psychologist or is a test that can be administered in paper format or on a computer. However, a new measurement device has been developed that some intelligence researchers think will revolutionize the way we are able to measure mental speed.

… researchers have demonstrated that speed of performance on elementary cognitive tasks (ECTs) is highly correlated with performance on traditional IQ and standardized tests. The high correlation between IQ and chronometric tasks means that one could use these tasks as measures of IQ.


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