Practicing is the Key to Learning with the Khan Academy

Source: Inside Higher Ed, Dec 2011

The real revolution at Khan Academy, they contend, is not being streamed on its vaunted website; it is happening in the back end of the platform, where Khan’s engineers are learning as much about the site’s 1.4 million registered users as those users are learning about math and science.

Using math and computer science concepts decidedly more advanced than most of those in Khan’s video library, the Khan engineers have trained the website’s exercise platform how to predict, with startling accuracy, how likely it is that a student will correctly answer the next practice problem — and whether that student will be able to solve the same type of problem a week, two weeks, and a month later.

They do this by accounting for hundreds of data points that describe, in numbers, the entire history of the relationship between a learner and a concept.


One response to “Practicing is the Key to Learning with the Khan Academy

  1. The headline says it all, “practicing is the key to learning.” Math and science videos can help explain a concept, but only by practicing will students truly learn and understand the concept for the long term.

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