Your 1-Hour Gift to Many Lives over Many Lifetimes

To quote Jacintha Tagal – raised in Kuching and graduated from Harvard:
“[I] realize that the sort of person you want to be is a person whose life multiplies life for others, especially those who lack the opportunities that you have been given.”

If you believe your life can multiply life for others, please volunteer 1-hour gifts of your time to do either or both of the following (repeat as often as desired ):
  • Translate a 10-min video-clip from English to Malay, which will take approximately an hour.  John (thanks!) has drafted a translation 101 guide.  
  • Critique a translated 10 min video-clip, which will take approximately 30 mins. Thus within 1 hour, you can critique two 10 min Malay-translated video-clips.   
Making A Difference via Your Volunteer Time Contributions
The Belajar MY intiative will depend solely upon volunteer time contributions.  
As far as I can tell, money and materials will be needed only for the S2 phase: production and distribution of DVDs.   However, the S2 phase will come only after S1: Malay sub-titling of the Khan Academy video-clips on the Web has been completed (see this Google document for more information about phases S1 & S2)
Why Am I Doing This?
I have been extremely fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to study well beyond my mental capacity.  You and I have the opportunity to Enrich the Minds and Transform the Lives of our fellow Malaysians.  It’s up to us to help them, even if it’s just for 1 hour!   
How You Can Help: 
If you are an experienced math tutor, an experienced math teacher, please help us identify the Khan Academy math video-clips that correspond to the Malaysian Forms 1-5 math curricula.  Here’s a spreadsheet of the current mapping.  
If you are willing to translate Khan Academy video-clips into Malay, which should take less than an hour for a 10-minute KA video-clip, please let me know (  
Feel free to share the “Belajar MY” initiative with others.  The initial focus is upon Math, with the hope/expectation of extension into the sciences.  In the meantime, please subscribe for updates:

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